The Golestan Colab

The Golestan Colab is a consultancy and resource center located in the United States that empowers and supports educators and community leaders to create their ideal learning environment for children. As a Colab member, Siprosa receives continuous support through the startup stages of the program and after it is established. The Colab provides Siprosa with teacher training, curriculum and lesson planning resources and guidance, school design and school management.

Sidell Pakravan Architects

Sidell Pakravan Architects is an architecture practice located in Berkeley, California. Sidell Pakravan uses their expertise in making compelling and beautiful architecture to explore what the ideal environment for early childhood learning can be in Kenya, especially in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. As a pro bono project, Sidell Pakravan is designing Siprosa School in Nairobi that can be replicated as future schools leveraging the natural beauty that surrounds the space.

Cherie Blair Foundation

Cherie Blair Foundation runs the Mentoring Women in Business Programme and did an amazing job of matching Mary Otieno in Nairobi and Christina Mott in New York – amazing, because of Mary and Christina share similar personality traits and ambitions including their mutual passion for children’s education, which drives their hard work in making Siprosa a reality.