Siprosa School offers a preschool program for girls and boys from 3 to 5 years of age.

We focus on teaching empathy, sharing, role-playing, and communication skills. The children also develop social and self-help skills in a warm and encouraging environment.

Grandparents will be frequently invited as guests to tell stories and poems and sing and dance to the music of Kenya. Creative movement helps children learn language while expressing themselves physically; they also develop an understanding of pitch, rhythm, and movement.

Siprosa follows a monthly theme schedule designed to lead into each other for a rich and profound understanding of the world we live in.  By the time a child graduates from Siprosa, s/he will have a deep breadth of knowledge that goes above and beyond standard Kindergarten preparedness.

Practical life activities such as sorting, pouring, and manipulating are daily activities for the children. Our art program is exceptionally rich and exciting. Children learn to work with different media (water colors, tempera, collage, pastels, etc) by fully exploring each of them such that they are able to understand how each looks and feels. Art projects are never product driven, rather the richness of the experience is in the journey itself.  Weekly science and nature classes help to further support a child’s deep understanding of the world we live in.

The Pedagogy

Siprosa’s pedagogy is based on the Golestan model in the United States.  Through Siprosa’s collaboration with the Golestan Colab, we have access to a comprehensive curriculum, monthly lesson plans, and teacher training materials and services.

Golestan’s approach is rooted in experiential learning, where hands-on, project-based learning not only provides a child with a rich breadth of knowledge (from our planets to microorganisms), but it promotes creativity, curiosity, problem solving and collaboration.

This science, math, geography, and art-rich curriculum provides children with a foundation that enables them to go into to the world with a broader (and deeper) view and an open heart.