Siprosa’s mission is to support the development of curious, creative, and altruistic children through experiential and heuristic learning, with a special focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for girls.

In order to bring the best practices in early childhood education, we’ve partnered with Golestan School and Sidell Pakravan Architects in Berkeley, California.

Siprosa first began its build like any other African school. Envisioned for many students with few teachers crammed into suboptimal environment, in the name of ‘something is better than nothing.’ When we met Yalda Modabbar and Maryam Atai from Golestan and saw what they’ve done with Golestan Education, we immediately felt that they had cracked the code, and that we had to leverage their expertise and aim for a level of quality that all children deserve regardless of which continent and to which family names they were born into.

Rudabeh Pakravan started designing for Siprosa a dream school in Kenya. In addition to spacious class rooms, there would be a supplemental Science/STEM classroom that could be used by all ages, as well as a cafeteria/assembly area, an outdoor area for play, and a roof deck for gardening and observing the wildlife park, among other more pragmatic programs such as storage and office.

We’re dreaming of building a school that solely serves children, to help them fire their imagination, without prejudice and circumstance. This dream is becoming a reality with the help of the great team and partner organizations.

FROM an overcrowded classroom
TO an ideal learning environment